Residing in California's Bay area as a young growing artist, currently at the age of 18, hoping to make a definition for myself as time goes on. I'm a big flirt when it comes up to Samhears as my general interest consist of other various fandoms that you may notice on this art blog and my main blog (thedivineservice). As this art blog grows, i hope to continue to meet and bond with others through this artistic path called "life," as everyone i come to know now and in the future will be the ones to truly thank for getting me this far when my mind said otherwise.

Welcome to my art blog

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For a friend.
Ayami Kojima Inspired.
Something made for a friend.
Dante shoulda stayed tan.
DMC 2 Dante was one fine mother trucker.
 S o n    o f    S p a r d a
Leon The Professional
Thanks for comming to the stream tonight.
Dragon Nest
Comming back from vaca on wednesday.
Banner for my friend Curley!
And his love of Shovel Knight!
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C H A P T E R 1Coming Soon.
"Freshmen Days" 

For My Bully Scholarship Edition Blog.
Fanime 2014 eas fun this year. It was nice to see a lot of cool cosplays and kind people and i already cant wait for next year. I got my merch to keep me company until next time.


-Team Fortress 2

-Sailor Moon


-Bioshock Infinite

-Crystal Gems ( Steven Universe)

- Ayami Kojima Art book (Artist from Castlevania)

-The Vash the Stampede Coat was free :)